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Official: Napoli have themselves a new defender

Napoli have brought in veteran Anthony Réveillère as a stopgap, trying to plug the holes in an ailing and injured defense.

Paul Gilham

The contract has been signed and all is official: Anthony Réveillère is now a Napoli player.

Here's a quick rundown of what you need to know about Réveillère:

  • He's French
  • He's 33 but he'll be 34 on Sunday
  • He's been brought in to shore up the defense, and can play on both the left and on the right
  • He spent 10 seasons at Lyon
  • He has plenty of European experience, including 77 Champions League appearances
  • He's got both left and right leaning accents in his last name
  • The signing, complete with photo -- although absent Aurelio Di Laurentiis, who must not have managed to make it to Castelvolturno in time -- has been posted on the official site, so it's the real deal. What we don't know yet is how long the contract is for, although it's been speculated that it's just until the end of the season. That makes sense, as it seems Réveillère really wanted to finish his career at Marseille, while the partenopei are simply looking for a patch to cover up the hole created by a broken Giandomenico Mesto.