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Emergency reinforcements heading to Napoli?

It seems Anthony Réveillère is in Italy for a medical, with the defender poised to join an injury-ravaged Napoli side on a six month contract.

Denis Doyle

According to Corriere dello Sport and a bunch of websites that jumped on the story, French right back Anthony Réveillère is on his way to Napoli. According to Wikipedia, the fullback has already signed with Napoli. According to Twitter buzz, he's already had a medical.

Th Frenchman, with Lyon for ten seasons, can play on both the left and on the right sides, which would make him the ultimate catch due to injuries to Camilo Zúñiga, Miguel Britos and Giandomenico Mesto. And due to the fact that Christian Maggio looks exhausted after 70 minutes. And because Pablo Armero isn't very good.

Réveillère is about to turn 34 and has been out of contract since the summer, but who cares? It would be a six month loan deal and the partenopei could get him now. If it doesn't work out, at least there's been some cover at the back. Besides, look who's already there -- how much worse could the back line actually get?

Ok, please don't test me on that, Napoli. I don't actually want to know. Bring in Réveillère, and then find someone solid, speedy, and invincible in January. Grazie.