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Match Talk: Napoli vs. Marseille, Lineups

Napoli host Marseille on Wednesday night at the San Paolo, hoping both for a win and, perhaps, that Dortmund - Arsenal ends in a draw. What say you?

Giuseppe Bellini

Oh, Rafa. What's the one ingredient that must always be included in a Napoli match? That's right. Marek Hamšík. And where is Marek Hamšík? Oh. He's on the bench.

Yes, it's difficult to plan for a Champions League match scheduled just before a meeting with Juventus. But seriously, Rafa, you best know something we don't. And none of that "Goran Pandev is better on the break" nonsense. Remember, the only way anything but a win at the San Paolo tonight will be accepted is if Napoli go on to beat Juventus in Turin on Sunday evening.

This might not be a lineup most of us expected. But, for now, it's time to trust Rafa Benítez. For the first half, anyway. Your thoughts? Is this the right lineup for Marseille, considering the Old Lady comes next?

Napoli: Reina; Maggio, Albiol, Fernandez, Armero; Inler, Dzemaili; Callejon, Pandev, Mertens; Higuain

Marseille: Mandanda; Abdallah, N'Koulou, Diawara, Morel; Romao, Cheyrou; Thauvin, Valbuena, J Ayew; A Aye