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Some absolutely fantastic injury news

Napoli full back Giandomenico Mesto will miss at least four months, thanks to a cruciate ligament tear.

Paul Gilham

Ok, so we're a bit late with this one, but that's because all of yesterday was spent biting fingernails at the realization that another Napoli defender is now down with injury. First Christian Maggio missed a month due to knee injury. Then Camilo Zúñiga needed surgery and is still recovering. Now comes the news that Giandomenico Mesto, who left the Catania match early, will be out for four months thanks to an ACL tear in his right knee.

Whoever thought we'd be so upset about losing Mesto, eh? But Maggio seems to like his rest and Pablo Armero just isn't very good. Then there's the fact that Paolo Cannavaro will likely never see the pitch again as a Napoli player, leaving Bruno Uvini as the man who will step in when things get hairy. Do we need to remind everyone that Bruno Uvini happens to be a center back?

In other defensive news, Gazetta currently has a Cannavaro - Federico Fernández center back pairing to face Juventus. Considering the lack of teeth demonstrated by Marseille last time out, perhaps it's better to preserve Raúl Albiol for the league match?

Aye. Right now, all that's flashing through my head is Rafa Benítez in August, saying Napoli didn't need to bring in more defenders, and he had complete faith in Mesto. A bizarre statement in the first place, but a rather tragic one two months later.