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It might be closed doors for Napoli against Arsenal

Uefa are completing an investigation as to whether Napoli and Arsenal will play their final Champions League group stage match behind closed doors.

Paul Gilham

Napoli and Arsenal may be dead even in the standings for the Champions League group stages, but it's almost certain the race to advance to the knockout stages will come down to the final match. And Napoli just might be at a disadvantage for that match.

Despite the final Group F fixture, scheduled for December 11, taking place at the San Paolo, the partenopei might not have the advantage of their faithful in the seats. It seems Uefa might make an example of Napoli. Last time out, hosting Marseille, there was fighting outside the stadium, resulting in injuries to ten people. That caused some to complain about Napoli's match-day organization...although it's likely they're none too pleased about those injuries, either.

Uefa's probably also a little bit upset with the fact that Napoli blatantly ignored their "Don't throw flares or you'll be in trouble" instruction, so that might be weighed against them in the ultimate decision.

We should know this week if fans will be allowed in or not. Cross fingers!