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Napoli looking pretty fit for Parma

Despite concerns over Marek Hamšík's foot injury, the Napoli squad looks pretty fit for Saturday's match.

Claudio Villa

It's always a bit scary, seeing players go off for international duty and wondering if they're going to come back in the same condition as they left. Particularly when the matches in question are simply friendlies -- then you're left wringing your hands, wondering if one of your side's players is going to wind up like Sami Khedira. Poor guy.

Fortunately, it looks as though Napoli don't have any fresh injury concerns for the Parma match. Marek Hamšík picked up a knock while away with Slovakia, but now his foot injury doesn't seem to be serious and he's expected to start (unless he's saved for Dortmund, of course). The same goes for Gonzalo Higuaín, whose rough time with the poor turf in New Jersey doesn't seem to have had any long lasting effects. Federico Fernández, however, is tired after playing all 180 minutes for Argentina. Let's hope he feels refreshed for Saturday.

Pablo Armero still isn't back, despite not having to go to Colombia this time (I assume). Neither are Pepe Reina or Raúl Albiol, as Spain made them to go South Africa. And lose. Poor fellas.

These players might be fit, but should they start against Parma? Rafa Benítez will be looking ahead to the Champions League fixture on Tuesday, so what do you think -- will it be more important to use strong players to bounce back from the Juventus defeat, or to hold some guys back for the trip to Germany?