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A desperate plea

Love Napoli? Want to write about them? The Siren's Song is looking for you

Claudio Villa

Guys, I'm struggling. The Siren's Song is a labor of love, but I don't want it to end up a forlorn place, lacking attention and not providing the sort of content Napoli fans deserve. I've worked for well over a year to get this blog off the ground. Trouble is, things change over the course of a year. Those who wanted to pitch in have other commitments now. I have other commitments now. I'm the league manager of the SB Nation Serie A sites, and so am working with those blogs while trying to recruit new ones. I'm the editor for the /italia main page, which often means having to cover games at the same time I watch Napoli. I also still truly love my first site, the Aston Villa blog, and it needs my attention as well.

In other words, I'm stretched thin. Very thin. I struggle to get up a post a day -- but I think Napoli deserves more than just a few words per day. Hell, Aurelio De Laurentiis deserves 150 words per day on his own. I'd love it if The Siren's Song could bring you all the Napoli news, as well as opinion pieces, match previews, tactical breakdowns, etc.

So that's why I need you. Are you interested in contributing your thoughts on the partenopei? Do you want those words to reach lots of people? Do you want to help build a community that's fiercely crazy about all things Napoli? If so, please drop a line to kdschlewitz at gmail dot com. Tell me about why you love Napoli, how you became a fan, and what sorts of things you want to write about.

PS -- if, way back when this blog was just a twinkle in my mind, you sent me an email about wanting to be involved, please forgive me...myriad life upheavals mean I have absolutely no idea where those emails might be. If you're willing to give me -- and more importantly, the blog -- another chance, please send along your email.