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The Day The Sun Refused To Shine

Me too Marek. Me too.
Me too Marek. Me too.

Today is the day the sun refused to shine, the day the stars disappeared, the day there was no moon...because today is the day Ezequiel Lavezzi left Napoli to sign with PSG. We all knew the contract with Paris Saint-Germain was coming, but for goodness sake, couldn't they have waited a bit longer after Italy crashed and burned against Spain in the Euros? It's heaping pain atop humiliation and I really don't care for it.

El Pocho may not have been the most highly regarded player in the Holy Trinity -- that honor, of course, goes to Edinson Cavani -- but the threesome just doesn't work without him there, and I'm not looking forward to seeing what happens without him next season. His superb ball work, his strength, his speed...who will replace Zeke?

Not something I want to think about right now. Right now, let us just think on those amazing, dribbly runs. Those grins he gave after a goal. The way he was able to keep possession. And, let us reflect on this, my favorite goal Ezequiel Lavezzi ever scored:

Goodbye, Pocho. I will miss you more than a 20,000 word blog post could express. So I will leave it at this.