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Salvatore Aronica Attacks Reporter After Napoli's Win Over Udinese

Defender Salvatore Aronica has been relegated to the bench for Napoli's last two league matches. Is it really surprising that he may have lashed out at a journalist?

Clive Rose - Getty Images

A bit of interesting news from Naples: apparently, Napoli defender Salvatore Aronica threatened a local TV reporter after the match against Udinese. He struck out at the man and shouted, "I'll kill you." Aronica later apologized, but there's no word yet on whether he'll be punished.

What makes this story so intriguing is that Napoli won. Normally athletes lose their tempers when being questioned after a humiliating defeat. So did the reporter insult Salvatore's mama?

More likely it's that the guy questioned Aronica about his being dropped from the first team. Despite Paolo Cannavaro sitting out a suspension, Alessandro Gamberini again started on the left of defence, while Federico Fernandez took over centrally.

Walter Mazzarri's adoration of Salvatore Aronica, and his dubious talents, has been rather inexplicable. So you can imagine that, now that his true talent, or lack thereof, has been discovered, Aronica's ego is going to be a little bruised. It's not exactly smart to be threatening journalists, but probably not surprising that a little comment set him off.