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Watch Pepe Reina and the post save Napoli's win over Inter Milan & send them to 1st place

Napoli are top of the league thanks to Pepe Reina and the woodwork after a crazy finish to their match with Inter Milan.

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Napoli were up 2-1 heading into extra time, with 10-man Inter Milan holding the momentum. In the closing moments, Inter got froward, and things got a little uncomfortable for Napoli fans.

First Stevan Jovetic hits the post, then moments later and with seconds left Pepe Reina pushes another dangerous shot into the other post. The finish of this match was utterly insane, and horribly stressful for Napoli fans.

For Reina, though, the final whistle saw a well-earned celebration.

Thanks to him Napoli are in first place in Serie A. Wow.