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Gonzalo Higuain lashes incredible finish to get a brace for Napoli

Napoli have a vital second goal thanks to Pipita.

Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images

Napoli needed a second goal to add security to their lead over Inter Milan in this battle for first place in Serie A, and just after the hour mark, Gonzalo Higuain came through in a big way.

That was a lovely booming header from Raul Albiol to put the ball over the top for Higuain to run onto, but that work by Pipita to fight through the defense, get to the ball, then stay on the ball was impressive. Then that finish. Good lord, that finish. Phenomenal stuff from the current leading scorer in the league.

That goal was made all the more important just a few minutes later when Adem Ljajic scored to make it 2-1.

(h/t to Camaradona of r/soccer)