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Watch Vlad Chiriches atone for his mistakes with diving header against Chievo Verona

The Romanian gifted Chievo with their opener, but he made up for it by giving Napoli the lead.

Vlad Chiriches was the goat on Chievo Verona's opening goal in the first minute, gifting the ball to Nicola Rigoni to score from. Late in the half, though, it was Chiriches leaving egg on Rigoni's face, as they swapped roles when Napoli took the lead for themselves.

Credit: r/soccer

That's certainly one way to atone for your sins, Vlad. After Napoli worked a clever corner drill to move the ball to the top of the box, Chiriches slipped clean around Rigoni in front of goal and was able to dive onto the ball to head it home and give Napoli the 2-1 lead they so dearly needed.

Does that completely absolve Chiriches for his role in Chievo's goal? No. But it's a good way to help make up for it, and hopefully Chiriches can finish the second half by continuing to improve his play.