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Watch Gonzalo Higuain's tap-in equalizer against Chievo Verona

This goal was so badly needed.

Napoli were down and in dire straits against Chievo Verona after giving up a first-minute goal thanks to a horrifying defensive mistake. Just five minutes later, though, Gonzalo Higuain came up big when Napoli needed him most.

Credit: r/soccer

The finish was simple, but simple was what the moment called for. He took a low cross from Faouzi Ghoulam -- which was actually quite nice and far better than we've seen from the Algerian lately -- and hit it first-time, pushing it away from Albano Bizzarri in goal.

It wasn't fancy, it wasn't thrilling, it wasn't jaw-dropping, but it got the job done and it kept Napoli from having to chase the game for very long. It also let them capitalize on the tremendous momentum they'd built in the five minutes since Chievo's goal, and capitalizing on momentum is something Napoli have struggled with terribly during their slump. Hopefully this is the first sign of great things to come.