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Napoli fans call for show of support after tough loss

Napoli fans aren't going to let this loss get to the players if they can help it.

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Napoli lost two Juventus in heart-breaking fashion, but one group of the partenopei faithful aren't going to let them come home with low spirits.

We go to Capodichino airport to welcome the team.

They must understand that we are with them and that they did well.

It's a touching gesture on a difficult and emotional day, one that Napoli's players will surely appreciate. It probably won't be as big and passionate as their sendoff was, but it might actually be the more important of the two fan gatherings.

Napoli did play well and they should not be ashamed of that game, and the fans greeting them with support and love and understanding will help the players keep their heads up and focused on the task at hand. It sucks that they lost, and it sucks that they're out of first place, but there's still a lot of season left to go.

Forza Napoli.

UPDATE: Looks like quite the crowd has gathered to welcome the team home and offer their support, despite it being two in the morning.