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Matchday Posts

Napoli vs. OGC Nice: Champions League playoff lineups, team news, and how to watch

Lineups are in, and Napoli will be facing a very, very defensive Nice team.

Napoli vs. Juventus: Match chat, how to watch, and confidence needed

The first of two vital matches against Juventus this week is here, and Napoli can’t afford any mistakes.

Napoli vs. Real Madrid, Champions League match discussion, team news, and how to watch

It’s do or die time in the Champions League.

Napoli vs. Roma: Derby del Sole match discussion, team news, and how to watch

Napoli would hate to lose this match anyways, but they absolutely cannot afford to lose it after the last few weeks.

Napoli vs. AC Milan: Confirmed lineups, team news, and match chat

Napoli need a big win over their rivals on Saturday.

Napoli vs. Spezia, confirmed Coppa Italia lineups, team news, and how to watch

A heavily rotated side will hope to lead Napoli to success in the Coppa Italia.

Napoli vs. Sassuolo: Lineups, match chats, and food comas

If you’re in America, you probably still have a food coma. If you’re in Italy, you probably have a “weird Serie A weekend” hangover.

Napoli vs. Dynamo Kyiv: CL Lineups, match chat, and chances

Napoli need all three points in a very bad way.

Napoli vs. Besiktas: Lineups, match chat, and no excuses

Napoli need to overcome their recent struggles and get their win back against their chief rivals in their Champions League group.

Napoli vs. Empoli, confirmed lineups, team news, and how to watch Serie A online

This should be... interesting.

Napoli vs. Crotone: Lineups, match chat, and debuts

Amadou Diawara is getting his first Napoli start.

Napoli vs. Benfica confirmed lineups, and how to watch the Champions League online

Napoli vs. Bologna: Lineups, chat & rotation

Several starters are heading to the bench to rest after their Champions League journey.

Napoli vs. Dynamo Kyiv: Champions League lineups and nerves

Come watch with us as Napoli make their Champions League return.

Napoli vs. Palermo: Lineups, match discussion & changes

Napoli vs. AC Milan: Lineups, match chat, and how to watch

Napoli’s first big match of the season is an absolute must-win.

Pescara vs. Napoli match chat: Welcome back

So begins the season.

Napoli vs Monaco: Preview & how to watch

Napoli face their biggest friendly test of the summer with a major French side coming to the San Paolo.

Napoli vs Frosinone: Lineups, match chat & hope

This is it. Win or else.

Torino vs. Napoli match chat: Don't slip

Please, for the love of Maradona, please win.

Napoli vs. Atalanta: Lineups, chat & crunch time

Roma vs. Napoli match chat: Derby del Sole for 2nd

The Derby del Sole is here, and it's going to be a stressful match with second place in Serie A up for grabs.

Napoli vs. Bologna: Lineups, chat & desperation

Just freakin' win, OK?

Udinese vs. Napoli: Lineups, chat & Gabriel nerves

Napoli's loanee backup goalkeeper gets the starting nod.

How to watch Lorenzi Insigne & Italy face Germany

Antonio Conte is running out a very aggressive-looking team against Germany.

Palermo v Napoli: Lineups, chat & house of madness

Napoli vs Chievo: Lineups, chat, and a need to win

Napoli have named about as strong a lineup as you can hope to see from them right now against Chievo Verona.

Fiorentina vs Napoli: Lineups, chat & a must-win

It's time for Napoli to get back on the saddle and start taking names again.

Napoli v Villarreal: Lineups, chat & last stands

It's do or die time.

Napoli v Milan: Lineups, match chat & opportunity

It's time to seize the day again.

Juventus vs. Napoli: Lineups, match chat & FORZA

There's an awful lot on the line, and Napoli really, really need all three points against Juventus.

Napoli vs. Carpi: Lineups, match chat, and traps

Napoli have a tough schedule coming up, but need to be focused on this match or that schedule will become all the harder.