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Gonzalo Higuain hoping for 200th career club goal against Udinese

Higuain can reach a major milestone against Udinese.

Getty Images/Getty Images

As Napoli face Udinese hoping to secure all three points and an important home win in Serie A, one of their players has another goal in mind. Specifically, scoring a goal: Gonzalo Higuain is on 199 career club goals, and if he strikes against Udinese, he'll reach 200.

That's not a mark that many strikers reach. It requires a lot of quality and consistency to his 200 career goals, two things that Higuain has in spades. He does go through cold streaks, to be sure, but most of the time he can score every other match or so, and when he gets hot he can go on incredible goalscoring runs.

Currently on 63 goals for Napoli, Higuain scored 122 times for Real Madrid and 14 for River Plate in Argentina. He's done some fantastic thing in his decade-plus in the game, and this milestone moment will be a huge feather in Higuain's cap.

Hopefully Higuain doesn't just settle for one goal if he does score. Celebrating the occasion with a hat trick seems appropriate, no?