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Raičević transfer delayed until June

Napoli are still signing the Montenegrin striker, but will wait until summer to finalize the deal.

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So much for getting the deal finished today: Napoli and Vicenza agreed to terms on a transfer for Montenegro-born striker Filip Raičević, but have reportedly elected to delay the player's move until June.

A reason for the delay has not been disclosed, though two factors are believed to be in play. It's been mentioned that Napoli may not have been able to finalize contract terms with Raicevic in time to get all the paperwork sorted out. In which case, hey, maybe don't leave things so late in the window? Just saying.

There's also rumblings that Carpi didn't want to take Raičević on loan, despite losing Marco Boreillo and Ryder Matos. With Jerry Mbakogu and Kevin Lasagna both playing well recently, plus a bulked-out midfield thanks to Napoli and others, we're probably about to see a tactical shift there that will make them not necessarily need more striker depth for the moment.

So with Carpi not taking him and Vicenza likely where Raičević would have wound up for the spring anyways, this news doesn't change much. Napoli weren't going to have the striker in a blue shirt until the summer either way, so we just have to wait a few more months to see happy handshakes and awkward shirtless medical photos.