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Napoli negotiating for transfer of Partizan Belgrade attacker Nikola Ninkovic

If the deal is finalized, he would head to Chievo Verona on loan for the rest of the season.

EuroFootball/Getty Images

Long have we yearned for Napoli to spend more time buying premium young talent to develop, and today we could get our wish. Napoli are reported to be close to a transfer for Partizan Belgrade midfielder Nikola Ninkovic, a 21 year old highly-rated Serbian prospect ready to make the jump to a higher level.

The reports indicate that Napoli have already gotten a deal in place both with Partizan and Ninkovic to sign him, and are working with Chievo Verona to loan him to the Flying Donkeys for the rest of the season. While terms of the deal aren't known yet, it seems like an extremely smart move -- Ninkovic is one of the highest-upside prospects at his age in Europe, and he even already has some solid experience in European play.

If Napoli can pull this off, it would be a fantastic move. It obviously wouldn't help them this season if he immediately goes out on loan, but over the next few years Ninkovic could have a big impact for a team like Napoli. This is the exact kind of transfer that they've been needing to make for years but rarely have even tried for. It's a big step in the right direction, and an exciting sign of things to come.

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