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Pepe Reina medical confirmed, set to sign three-year contract with Napoli

Napoli look set to welcome back a familiar face, with the Spanish goalkeeper's rumored medical confirmed to be happening.

Claudio Villa/Getty Images

What was a rumor is now all but fact: Pepe Reina will arrive in Naples on Tuesday, undergo a medical, and sign a three-year contract with Napoli on Wednesday.

Reina's agent confirmed on Sunday that his client is set for the move, one day after reports of the medical emerged. While the terms of the transfer agreement between Napoli and Bayern Munich are still unconfirmed, the fact that the reports of a three-year, €3 million-per-season deal between Napoli and Reina seem correct would lend credence to the coinciding rumors of a €4 million deal with Bayern to sign him.

Obviously we shouldn't start ordering new Napoli shirts with "Reina 25" on the back just yet -- not that we have shirts to order yet, hurry up Kappa! -- as he still needs to pass the medical and sign his contract. Medicals are often just a formality, but with Reina plagued by injuries over the last few seasons, Napoli's medical staff will likely be somewhat more thorough than they were with Mirko Valdifiori, who has been very healthy throughout his career.

The question now is what Napoli can get out of Reina. He's nearly 33, barely played last season, and was mediocre to poor for most of the three seasons prior, a bright opening four months to his Napoli career aside. Hopefully Napoli give him a strong backup that Maurizio Sarri isn't afraid to turn to, be that Luis Sepe or a renewed Rafael Cabral or someone new.