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Blerim Dzemaili thanks Napoli and fans for three great years

Now that Blerim Dzemaili has left for Galatasaray, he's penned a farewell letter to Napoli fans.

Giuseppe Bellini

Some players just get it. One of those has always been been Blerim Dzemaili, who seemed to have an excellent bond with the Napoli fans and understood the importance of such a connection.

To that end, now that Dzei has sadly departed the club in search of better fortune with Turkish giants Galatatasay, the Swiss midfielder put together a touching farewell message for the fans:

"I want to thank the President of Napoli for three beautiful seasons. I also want to thank the people of Naples for their affection towards me, Walter Mazzarri for two great years and of course Benitez, who I will never forget and wish great luck to."

-Source: Twitter

It's a sad thing to see such a delightful player leave, but this is probably the best thing for Dzei at this point of his career. He should be somewhere that will give him as good an opportunity as possible, and after that season that didn't appear to be Napoli any longer.

Best of luck to you Dzei. Hopefully you win many plaudits and trophies with Gala. I'm just glad you're handling your departure better than Pandev and his agent.