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Gazzetta Dello Sport Claim Michu Loan "Done", Announcement Soon

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Napoli and Swansea City have only the final details of a deal to bring Michu to Italy on loan left to go.

He's so happy!
He's so happy!
Jamie McDonald

After several weeks of speculation, rumors of medicals (including a Super Secret medical that may or may not have taken place in Spain over a month ago. Yeah, we thought that was weird too), and conflicting reports of terms, it sounds like a deal to bring Michu from Swansea City to Napoli may finally be almost tied up.

Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport is claiming that the deal is "done" and that Rafa Benitez has his "vice Higuain." As reports have been starting to lean towards over the last week, they're saying that the deal is a loan with an option to buy; La Gazzetta isn't naming a number for the purchase clause, but others over the last couple of days have varyingly claimed it to be between €8-12 million. Considering that Swansea turned down a deal from Arsenal reported to be worth over €20 just a year ago for Michu, that could be quite a deal if he does well for Napoli this season.

As La Gazzetta says, Michu will primarily be Gonzalo Higuain's backup, but the 28 year old Spaniard can also serve as a backup to Marek Hamsik. His qualities as both a creator and striker are a rare combination, and his overall style of play should work fairly well in Italy.

Some have wondered in the past few weeks what a Michu signing would mean for Duvan Zapata, who impressed over the last few months of this past season. La Gazzetta claims to have the answer for that as well: they say the big Colombian striker will get a loan in order to get more first-team playing time than he'd likely receive with Michu in the fold.They also claim that Goran Pandev is on his way out to make room for another arrival, while simultaneously saying that Napoli have renewed their interest in Andre Ayew, who was one of the few Ghanaian players to truly impress while his side imploded their way out of the World Cup.