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Mercato Madness: Napoli chasing after none other than Ronaldinho

This is a delightfully fun rumor: Napoli are reportedly interested in bringing in Ronaldinho after his contract with Brazilian side Atletico Mineiro was ended by mutual consent.

Steve Bardens

If this rumor doesn't make you smile, then there may be no hope for your sense of wonder.

Former Golden Ball winner and international superstar Ronaldinho is free to find his next club after he and Atletico Mineiro cancelled his contract by mutual consent. The 34 year old Brazilian is hot on the trail of his next adventure, with he and his representatives promising to find a club within the next day.

If Aurelio De Laurentiis has anything to say about it, that club will be Napoli.

According to Il Giornale, Napoli have already reached out to Ronaldinho's representatives, on ADL's behest, to see what it would take to get him to come to Italy. The idea is to sign him on a one-year deal to enhance the attacking portion of the team, and see just how much of an impact he can still make on a title chase and Champions League run.

Ronaldinho is being pursued by teams all over the globe, from England to Italy, Australia to Qatar, China to Portugal. Despite his age, Ronaldinho is still quite a fair player, with time seeming only to rob him of his pace and leaving all of his trickery and guile behind to be honed even further. Even he can capture even a modicum of the form that saw him win two straight World Player of the Year awards ten years ago, he could be a huge part of whatever side he winds up with.

While he certainly wouldn't be a starter for Napoli (hi Marekiaro!), Ronaldinho's impact off the bench and ability to serve as a reserve could be immense for this side, and it's unlikely many other teams can offer him the potential for a Champions League run and title chase like Napoli can. An offer from Napoli would almost certainly be tempting at the least for him.

If Napoli sign Ronaldinho, it may not be Maradona 2.0 as many would hope for... but it certainly would be really damn fun.