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Maurizio Sarri says Napoli will attack against Juventus

Napoli's manager says that they're not adjusting their gameplan for this weekend's huge match.

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

With so much on the line against Juventus in Turin on Saturday, one could almost imagine Napoli playing a more conservative match to try to make sure that Juventus can't get into the game. The word "almost" is used there because this is not the Napoli of yesteryear -- Maurizio Sarri is not one for sitting back, and he wants to make sure Napoli take the game to Juventus from the first whistle.

We’ll play our football. Experience tells us that when we stop playing [our way] we become vulnerable, so our only chance to get something from such a tremendous stadium and an opponent like Juventus is by playing our football.

The game gives us confidence, because we’re on par with Juventus, the team that has dominated Italian football in recent years, so that’s already a source of pride.

We’re not satisfied, but we’re mad enough to go to Turin and impose our game on them. They’re more used to playing these kind of games than we are, but we do have four or five who can help out the younger players.

Translated quote source: Football Italia

Bold words and a bold plan, but that can hardly be shocking coming from Sarri at this point in the season. His determination and disregard for the narrative and what "should" be done borders on "mad scientist" levels at times, but that's just the way Napoli fans like it.

And you know what? It makes a lot of sense. Juventus' defense is beat up and not near full health, and with Napoli's high-octane attack they'll have the perfect chance to strike. The more Napoli play their way and force the issue, the better chance they can knock the bianconeri off-kilter and get the win they so dearly want and need.

This should be an exciting, horrifying, amazing, nerve-wracking game. It could go wonderfully or it could go horribly for Napoli, but there's one thing you can guarantee thanks to Sarri: it won't be boring.