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Napoli vs. Cagliari lineups, match discussion, and TV listings

Are you ready for early Serie A action?

SSC Napoli v FC Internazionale - Serie A Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

A quick and informal matchday post today. I'd intended on staying up for the match like I usually do for the early Sunday matches, but the Seattle Sounders won the MLS Cup last night in a match that was nearly as exhausting to watch as a fan as it would have been to play in, and I am unfortunately not going to make it through.

However! You all can still chat here as usual, and I'll have a recap up as soon as I've slept some and gotten a chance to watch for myself. Be nice to each other, and you can find all your viewing options here no matter what country you're in.

Now, the lineup!

No real surprises here. Some mild rotation out of need — Manolo Gabbiadini looked gassed on Tuesday, and Raul Albiol seemed to be struggling a bit at the end of the match — and a couple other match-to-match changes we've come to expect, like Piotr Zielinski replacing Allan. Cagliari are a solid team, but this Napoli lineup should, in theory, be though to get the job done.

Now let's hope theory becomes reality.