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Watford poised for Inler-Britos double swoop?

Newly promoted Premier League side Watford look set to make a run at signing both Gokhan Inler and Miguel Britos, with Napoli pocketing a tidy sum for the unwanted pair.

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Something that's hardly a secret right now is that Napoli have a lot of clearing out to do this summer. Some players don't fit the new system brought in by Maurizio Sarri, some aren't quite good enough any more, and unfortunately some fall in to both categories.

Two of the players most likely to leave the San Paolo this summer are Gokhan Inler and Miguel Britos. Both have been frequently linked with moves away this summer, to quite a variety of destinations. A week ago, it looked like they could have wound up on opposite sides of the Istanbul derby with Inler at Fenerbahce and Britos at Besiktas, completing an ex-Napoli player trio with the lovable Blerim Dzemaili still plying his trade at Galatasaray.

Now, though, it looks like Britos and Inler could wind up at the same club -- but in England instead of Turkey.

According to reports, newly-promoted side Watford -- my, but we've been hearing a lot about them lately -- have made an aggressive move to acquire both players from Napoli. The newly-promoted side are trying to put together a side that can stay up in the English Premier League, and they've been making frequent passes at Serie A talent to do it.

Watford are apparently willing to stump up an eye-opening figure to woo Napoli into parting with Inler and Britos -- €10 million. Given that it didn't seem like Napoli could get even half that for the pair not too long ago, it might not take long at all for them to make the double transfer happen.

The interesting part in this comes not necessarily from Watford themselves, but from who owns them. The club is owned by the Pozzo family, who also own Spanish club Granada -- as well as Udinese, a club with whom Napoli are in active negotiations with over Allan. Whether or not the two deals have anything to do with each other is unknown, but it wouldn't be surprising if there's a bit of "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" going on here.