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Report: Napoli have agreement with Maurizio Sarri to manage the club

After meeting with the club's president last night, it looks like Maurizio Sarri will be the next Napoli manager.

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

That was quick: according to a report in the morning paper edition of La Gazzetta Dello Sport, Maurizio Sarri will be the new manager of Napoli. By their report, a contract agreement is already in place and an official announcement is only hours away.

The report comes in the wake of Sarri meeting Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis Friday night for dinner, and with Napoli needing to get a manager in-house quickly in order to get on with their summer, the speed shouldn't be a surprise. Hopefully Sarri is the right choice, because this is a critical time in Napoli's development as a club.

Sarri, 56, is a Naples born manager of significant experience but with only one season of Serie A experience, that coming when he turned Empoli in to one of the hardest teams in Serie A to beat this past season en route to a 15th place finish. Some are concerned as to whether or not he's ready to manage a club of Napoli's size and expectations, but, well, at this point there's only one way to find out.