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Napoli reportedly make offer to Unai Emery

The Sevilla coach is looking for a new project, and Napoli might just be the ticket.

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Unai Emery is a hot name on the managerial carousel right now, having just finished off his second straight season of winning the Europa League and finishing fifth in La Liga at the helm of Sevilla. That kind of season is impressive accomplishment to pull off once, but doing both twice in a row is no easy feat, and many think the 43 year old Spaniard has a bright future ahead of him.

That future might just lie with Napoli, as Emery reportedly wants a new challenge after two and a half seasons in charge of Sevilla. Several clubs will likely be lining up for him, including a reportedly very interested West Ham side in England -- who tried and failed to recruit Rafa Benitez before Real Madrid came calling for Napoli's soon-to-be-former boss -- but Napoli have apparently tabled an offer for Emery worth nearly €6 million per season that blows what West Ham were prepared to give him.

While initial reports had Emery "considering" between the two offers with no decision made, the Sunday Times in England are using much firmer language, declaring that West Ham have "missed out" on the Spaniard. That would seem suggestive that Emery is inclined to take Napoli's offer, which would be absolutely fantastic news for the partenopei.

Emery is generally regarded as a well-organized manager who sets his teams up well, has an excellent mind for modern footballing tactics, and has the full respect and admiration of his sides. This would be an extremely exciting hire for Napoli to make, and would offer a lot of confidence for how the next year is going to go if they do indeed get Emery.

Between this rumor and the earlier rumblings that Napoli might get Jürgen Klopp, this is suddenly shaping up to be an exciting summer...