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Liverpool fans demanding Rafa Benitez return

A fan protest in Liverpool saw them call for Napoli's manager to "come home."

Michael Regan/Getty Images

If you were watching the Premier League this morning, you probably saw or heard about a noticeable -- and probably quite expensive -- fan demonstration at Anfield as Liverpool prepared to face off with Queens Park Rangers.

The airplane-towed banner flown over Anfield Road before the match declared "RODGERS OUT RAFA IN," calling for Liverpool to fire Brendan Rodgers and bring back embattled Napoli manager Rafa Benitez, who oversaw a Champions League title and some of the best Premier League seasons in recent Liverpool memory. With Rodgers rapidly becoming more and more unpopular in the English club's fanbase and Rafa beloved by many of their fans, a very loud part of that fanbase has been actively calling for the Spaniard's return.

The trouble is, it's not terribly likely that such a move happens. Rodgers is far from a lock to get fired, even with the disappointments that Liverpool have suffered this season, and even if he is, Rafa's probably nowhere near the top of Liverpool's list of candidates to replace him. Fenway Sports Group, who own Liverpool, didn't even consider Benitez the last time Liverpool hired a manager, despite him being available at the time and continuously campaigning for them to hire him. It's doubtful that anything has changed as far as their interest goes.

Where Rafa goes next after he leaves Napoli is certainly up in the air, but Liverpool fans really shouldn't be getting their hopes up.