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Faouzi Ghoulam and Gonzalo Higuain combine for gorgeous goal against Dynamo Moscow

Napoli were down early, but a lovely bit of play saw Napoli level in the 25th minute.

Napoli were down early thanks to a disastrous first-minute goal, but it didn't take too long before they turned the tables on Dynamo Moscow and leveled with their Russian visitors thanks to this goal:

It's a shame that you don't properly see the cross from Faouzi Ghoulam, because as good as that flicked header from Gonzalo Higuain was, the cross was absolutely phenomenal. Napoli went up 2-1 shortly after when Dries Mertens was hauled down for a penalty, converted calmly by, you guessed it, Higuain. The quick turnaround from a terible start is exactly what Napoli needed today.