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Manolo Gabbiadini's success is making Juventus fans mad

In a delightful plot twist, Juventus fans are upset about the ease in which their club allowed rival Napoli to get such a good player.

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

The numbers speak for themselves: in two league starts and three appearances off the bench since joining Napoli, Manolo Gabbiadini has scored three goals. He got another on Thursday in the Europa League. He's scored in three straight matches, and four out of five. Gabbiadini has been an absolutely stellar performer for Napoli since signing early in January, and it's looking like his transfer fee could turn out to be a bargain.

And Juventus fans are pissed about it.

You see, when Napoli bought Gabbiadini from Sampdoria in January, they didn't just buy him from Sampdoria. He was co-owned by Juventus, and before the sale it seemed likely that Juve would buy out his ownership rights when the FIGC required that all co-ownership deals be terminated this summer. Instead, they pocketed a reported €4.5 million for their share of Gabbiadini's rights,

And Juventus fans are pissed about it.

With the deal with a total of €11 million, with another €2 million in potential add-ons, Juventus fans are upset that their club didn't get a larger share of the fee that was paid out, and that Juventus didn't make it much harder for Napoli to get such a good player. Indeed, one of the big reservations that many (including myself) had with the rumors linking Gabbiadini to a Napoli transfer initially was that there was no way Juventus was going to make the deal easy for Napoli, drawing it out and getting as large a fee for their share of Gabbiadini's ownership rights as they could.

But they didn't, and Juventus fans are really, really pissed about it.

So if you needed a reason to like this deal even more than you did before, just roll around the internet, reading posts about Gabbiadini on Juventus forums and fansites. It's worth a laugh and a boost to your mood. Getting a really good player in to your squad without spending tens of millions of euros to do it is always well and good, but doing that and pissing off the fanbase of a rival squad? Fans that love to lord over their club's supposed superiority in all things over everyone else in Serie A? Oh yeah. That's awesome.