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Christian Maggio's future is still up in the air

The agent of the longtime Napoli right back says there's interest in his client from other clubs with his contract running down, but declared that Napoli still control his fate.

Francois Nel/Getty Images

Christian Maggio has been a part of Napoli and Naples for a long time, but after this season, that could end. The Italian right back's contract is expiring, and as an almost-33 year old with steadily declining form over the past couple of years, renewing it might not be the club's highest priority.

Speaking to Radio CRC today, Maggio's agent revealed that at least three clubs, two in Italy and one in Spain, are all interested in bringing Maggio in. It's rumored elsewhere that one of the Italian teams is Torino, which makes sense given that it doesn't look like they'll be able to hold on to Matteo Darmian for much longer. Interestingly, though, he gave a strong implication that Napoli are still the ones that control Maggio's future.

"If Napoli will be interested to extend the contract of Maggio, there will be plenty of time to do so. After seven years that the player has been in Naples, he is [soon] out of contract but I do not think there is a specific date for the renewal. May has given so much but also received much."

If Maggio is willing to take a lower salary and smaller role, Napoli could still use him. He offers leadership and experience that every team always needs, he just lacks the quality to be a regular starter for a top-level club any more. That's not his fault, it's just what happens as players age.

But if he wants to continue playing a big role for his club, than it's in both his and Napoli's best interests for him to move on. Napoli can and must do better if they want to continue to grow as a club, be that moving on to Matteo Darmian or another player. Hopefully a way can be found to keep Maggio around, but the cold reality of sports and business means that he might be wearing other colors next season. At least it seems as though the end result, no matter which way it swings, will be amicable. Considering how many such relationships end in tears because of a nasty split, seeing this end with respect will be bittersweet.