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Napoli unveil an... unusual third kit with a denim pattern

Napoli finally unveiled their third kit for this season, and Macron has given them a very, um... interesting.

The new kits are so bad that Pipita doesn't even want to look at it.
The new kits are so bad that Pipita doesn't even want to look at it.
Giuseppe Bellini

Now that the season has started and Napoli are preparing to come out of the international break with their match this Sunday against Chievo Verona, they decided it's time to unveil this season's third kit. Macron has established a history of making some unusual kits for Napoli, highlighted by last season's terrifyingly bad camouflage kits, and this is... well, this might take the cake:

Yes, that's a denim-patterned jersey. Yes, it's bad. No, we don't know what anyone involved in this was thinking.

Seriously, it's an awful-looking kit. Denim jeans are one thing and are fine, but it's been 20 years since an all-denim look was considered "acceptable" by most, and even then it was never a good look. Even compared to those dark days of all-denim-errythang, these look just awful.

Hopefully Macron won't be making Napoli's kits for long. While the home kits are generally quite decent (last season's in particular were nice), but time and again we've seen eyebrow-raising away and third kits that vary between bizarre, mediocre, and awful. A deal with Adidas or Nike would be far preferable, especially Nike after some of the rather lovely kits they've been making of late.