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Gufare, Napoli-style: Round 32

Claudio Villa

Ok, this may have been a silly idea to do week in, week out. After all, we Napoli fans are mostly rooting against AS Roma right now, and it gets rather redundant to say Roma Roma Roma each round. But, with three days of calcio this weekend, and Napoli playing in the prime Sunday night spot, there's plenty of time to watch more Serie A. So why not have a reason to root against?

"To bring bad luck, to hope for the bad luck of another, to snort, to hoot, to scoff, to support against."*


The weekend starts off with the Derby della Scala. Don't know what that is? That's because this is just the 12th time the Verona Derby has been played. Let's root against Chievo Verona in the hopes that Livorno and Sassuolo perform miracles and somehow the Flying Donkeys - who always love to haunt Napoli - find themselves back down in Serie B.

Then it's on to the San Siro where a struggling Walter Mazzarri takes on Bologna in a match in which both teams getting any points leaves a rather sour taste in the mouth. Root against penalties in this one. It's funny that Inter Milan still haven't been awarded one, while Bologna haven't scored without one since February 9.


Sunday starts off with Sampdoria visiting Lazio, which is a nice prompt to go the stereotypical route and root against racism, whether that's the biancocelesti or Siniša Mihajlović, you decide! Then it's on to Florence for our game of choice in the mid-day block, where of course you'll root against Fiorentina as they host Udinese. The Napoli motto: even an eight-point gap is not enough.

The partenopei, of course, round out the evening, so you'll root against Parma, even though the lovable little scamps deserve a Europa League spot.


Hey, look, Juve get their own time slot again, playing host to Livorno. Root against Juve. Always.

The week wraps with AC Milan visiting Genoa, so of course you'll root against the visitors, because who really wants them to have a late run and end up in Europe? Besides rossoneri fans, of course. Milan's struggles have been one of the highlights of the season and have made rooting against them all the more pleasurable.

*definition from Winning at All Costs, by John Foot