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Higuain injury isn't serious. Apparently.

Claudio Villa

I don't put a lot of faith in doctors. If they say I've got an ingrown hair, I disregard their hard-earned medical knowledge and decide it's cancer. So forgive me if I'm a bit cynical upon hearing the news regarding the injury Gonzalo Higuaín picked up against Inter Milan on Saturday.

Higuaín, repeatedly bumped, pushed, and pulled apart by the Inter bullies, finally succumbed after a challenge from Marco Andreolli. The defender flew in and Pipita flew over, tumbling to the ground at an awkward angle. It looked as though the Argentine was crying as the medical team prepped the stretcher and carted him off the pitch.

Fortunately for Higuaín, Napoli supporters, Argentines, and fans of handsome men, the doctors are saying the injury isn't too serious. Just as we heard during the match, it appears there's heavy bruising to his ankle, but there's no fracture and no muscular damage.

We hope.

Still, this sort of injury can be quite painful. I know; I tried to wobble around Rome with a bruised and swollen ankle. And if I had trouble just wandering the Forum, one suspects that it might, just might, be a bit difficult for Higuaín to lead the line as Napoli try to beat Fiorentina in the Coppa final.

So thanks. Andreolli. Thanks Walter. Thanks so much for accomplishing your mission at the San Siro last night. Thanks. Really. Thanks.