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Jorginho Wants To Repay Napoli's Faith In Him

The club's newest midfielder is extremely thankful for the opportunity given to him by the club, and wants to do all he can to give back to both Napoli and the fans that have given him their support.

Paolo Bruno

The acquisition of Jorginho Frello was one greeted with excitement and expectations of good things in the future, but the Brazilian midfielder is already paying dividends for Napoli. He's been immensely influential in the eight games he's played in so far, and looks to be a key part of the vision of Rafa Benitez down the line for the club.

Not only has Jorginho been vital on the pitch, however, he's also showing signs of being a good influence off it. Speaking to Corriere dello Sport, Jorginho spoke about what his Napoli experience has meant to him:

[I] have already sensed the satisfaction from the fans. I ask myself all the time ‘what have I done to deserve this?’.

"I am convinced I can repay their faith though.

"I came here to win though, not make banal statements. We have a club that is geared towards winning things. And I know we can do it."

-Translate quote source: Football Italia

Seeing that kind of attitude in a new signing, especially one who's enjoying early success with the club. Despite being a tender age of just 22 years old, this and other interviews have made Jorginho look to be a well-grounded young man who has a fairly clear and realistic vision of who he is and where he fits in the world around him. That's rare enough in any 22 year old, but rarer still in one playing for a major football club.

As long as he keeps on playing like he is (or, hey, even better works too), there's little reason to think that he won't repay that faith in full and then some. I get the impression that Jorginho can be a key long-term piece for Napoli in the future, and that he's more than willing to do just that for the club. Seeing what he can help lead Napoli to accomplish in Italy and Europe will be an exciting thing to experience as the years unfold.