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Care about Napoli players away with their national teams? Here's your guide

Thirteen Napoli players have been called upon to represent their national teams for this week's friendlies. Who are they and should we care?

how about NO
how about NO
Thorsten Wagner

Did you know that Napoli have eleven players potentially on their way to the World Cup? Yeah, neither did I. But here's the breakdown of where the partenopei will be midweek, and who you can blame if (god forbid) someone gets hurt.


Christian Maggio and Lorenzo Insigne
Both are called up to play for Italy in Madrid on Wednesday, with the match scheduled for 10pm (Thanks, Spain. Doesn't this match interrupt your dinnertime?). Quite frankly, if Maggio gets hurt it could almost be a benefit to Napoli, except I'm not sure we even have another right back. If the duo play, they just might face...

Pepe Reina and Raúl Albiol
Called up for Spain for the game at the Vicente Calderón, it remains to be seen whether either Reina or Albiol will actually play. But hey, that means less chance for injury. Particularly with the goalkeeping situation being as it is.

Gonzalo Higuaín and Federico Fernández
Argentina face Romania in Bucharest at 8 p.m. on Wednesday. While I'm not an expert in Romanian football, I've seen enough of Cristian Chivu to be worried about Pipita's health. A long layoff for
Higuaín and Napoli just may have to kiss third place goodbye.

Gokhan Inler, Valon Behrami and Blerim Džemaili
The Swiss trio are at home to Croatia at 8:30 pm. If you're waiting for the azzurri match to start, that might be an interesting one to take in, with both teams preparing for Brazil. With the addition of Jorginho, and the benefits of having an extra Swiss if one gets tired, this game is probably not one to fret about too much. Unless you really love Dzei, that is.

Dries Mertens
Mertens is in Brussels, home of some of the worst petty crime in Europe, so let's hope he doesn't get mugged. Although to be fair, that often happens in Naples as well. Belgium take on Côte D'Ivoire at 8:45 p.m.

Faouzi Ghoulam
One of Napoli's newest additions is also primed for Brazil. Ghoulam's Algeria host Slovenia, who are just out to have fun, at 6 p.m. Well, it has to be a better match than Greece vs. South Korea, also playing at 6.m., at least.

Not so important

Marek Hamšík
Poor Marek. His Slovakia side failed to qualify for Brazil. That means he's stuck playing in a meaningless match against Israel. So help me god if he gets hurt...

Josip Radošević
Sorry bro, being called upon to represent the Croatian U21 side against Slovenia puts you solidly in the "not important" category.


José Callejón
So Spain don't want Ziggy. That's fine. Especially considering Rafa has Callejón playing practically every minute of every match. Let him rest. And let him fly under the radar a bit more.

Miguel Britos
Uruguay were able to see into the future, gazing upon the horror that was the Livorno equalizer on Sunday, and wisely decided to leave Britos behind.

Duván Zapata
With the immense attacking talent Colombia have on tap, is there any wonder Zapata wasn't called up?