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Gufare, Napoli-style: Round 30


Last week's first gufare post didn't go so well. I suggested Napoli fans root against Fiorentina, Bologna, Carlos Tévez, Lazio's appeal to their fans and Juventus.

Guys, gufare means root against. Against! Juventus won, and Tévez scored, putting him another goal over Gonzalo Higuaín, who did not score. Bologna managed to score as well - although with a penalty, because they don't seem to understand that there are ways to score from open play - and their win over Cagliari puts them two above the drop. And Fiorentina...bleh.

So let's try this again, shall we? And remember:

"To bring bad luck, to hope for the bad luck of another, to snort, to hoot, to scoff, to support against."*

Catania's vicious elbows
Sure, it's all fun and games until it's Raúl Albiol getting a black eye. Gonzalo Bergessio won't be playing after his double booking for continuing to bash Giorgio Chiellini, but the elefanti are desperate, and their main tactic right now seems to be making a physical impression on their opponents. Given Napoli's stretched squad, let's all root for Catania to keep their hands to themselves.

An atmospheric Artemio Franchi
Ok. I know we should be cheering against Fiorentina as now Napoli have just a seven-point lead, but it's also so much fun to watch Milan crash and burn. So the way I see it is, if the good people of Florence don't turn out in good voice on Wednesday night, the tired viola side may manage just a point against the hapless visitors.

La dea have won four in a row, but it's not just bitterness over their earlier 3-0 victory over Napoli that prompts this gufare. It's Livorno that visit Bergamo this week - and it's Livorno that have the best chance of climbing out of the bottom three. If they manage to lift themselves to safety, it'll be one of Bologna or Chievo Verona going down. A much better option...unless you are a right-wing militant.

This robot insists he's not even tired, despite playing nearly every minute of every recent Roma match. What's more, he's scoring goals, creating goals, annoying defenders, tiring out teams - in short, pretty much making AS Roma impossible to knock off their perch. If there's any way of beating the giallorossi to second, it's going to have to involve Gervinho suddenly spiraling downward into his Arsenalist self.


*definition from Winning at All Costs, by John Foot