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Gufare, Napoli-style: Round 29

Gufare: "To bring bad luck, to hope for the bad luck of another, to snort, to hoot, to scoff, to support against."

Round 29. Nine more Serie A matches to go. Napoli are currently third in Serie A, three points behind Roma (who have a game in hand) and ten points above Fiorentina (who don't). Juventus are almost certain to take the title, while Catania will almost certainly go down.

So with that in mind, why bother starting a series on "Gufare" when there's really only one outcome for Napoli fans to be worried about - specifically, the fate of Roma?

Let's find out.

Round 29 gufare

Um...duh? If there's a such thing as a Champions League six-pointer, this one is it. Sure, ten points feels comfortable, but we've seen how poorly the partenopei can perform at times. As sad as it seems, it may still be possible to lose out on third.

In addition to being one of the many teams on Napoli's list of enemies, Bologna have scored just one goal in their past five matches. Oh, and by the end of last weekend's match, Livorno were down to nine men...and Bologna still couldn't get another goal. For the good of Serie A, cheer them down to B.

Carlos Tévez
He has just one goal more than our beloved Gonzalo Higuaín (and Giuseppe Rossi, but he's no longer a threat). Support against the bianconero so Napoli can take the top scorer title two years in a row. We need something.

Lazio's appeal
The biancocelesti are begging their fans to turn up for the marquee match against Milan. Lazio fans are protesting the way Claudio Lotito is running the club, and only a few were on hand to watch Atalanta win at the Olimpico a couple weeks back. But, two things: First, they're Lazio fans. Keep 'em at home. Second, Lotito's interference makes Lazio weaker, and we're cool with that.

Plus Napoli are friendly with Catania. At least, as friendly as Napoli is able to get. And if Catania go on a miracle run, there's a greater chance Chievo might go down.