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Zuniga being evaluated for potential knee treatment

Napoli and Camilo Zuniga are willing to try anything to fix the wing back's troublesome right knee, so now he's being checked to see if a more unusual treatment than normal could help him.

Jamie McDonald

Apparently this is Injury Day on The Siren's Song, as this is the third straight story about player injuries. This one, at least, is not about Lorenzo Insigne. In point of fact, this one could even be construed as good news.

Camilo Zuniga, he of the long-bothersome right knee, is currently out after spraining it again last month. As you may recall, he and Napoli were somewhat at odds recently over the Colombian's desire to try a corrective surgical procedure again, an idea that Napoli weren't too comfortable with after that same surgery ultimately made Zuniga miss almost all of the rest of the season. It was believed at that point that both sides would seek an alternative that worked for both player and club, and apparently they have found that alternative.

Zuniga is currently in a private medical facility in Pisa, approximately halfway through a 48 hour evaluation period to see if he would benefit from a procedure that could apparently help solve his knee problems for good. The procedure, which would be overseen by a Doctor Enrico Castellacci, would involve the use of stem cells in an as-yet unspecified method to try and correct the issues that have been plaguing Zuniga.

While it's certainly an unusual treatment, it's one that's been cropping up from time to time in the athletic world for a few years now. Americans who follow the NFL are likely familiar with a handful of players traveling to Europe for "blood spinning" procedures over the last few years, which is a PC way of describing various stem cell treatments so as to not anger the anti-stem cell crowd in the US. Cyclists and tennis players also sometimes undergo the procedure, which is usually meant to speed up the healing process and help improve the affected joint to theoretically help prevent future injuries, or at least lessen their severity.

Hopefully this works out for Zuniga, assuming he does end up eligible for the procedure. After the slew of knee injuries that have hampered his career, the poor man deserves some good news when it comes to that problematic joint.