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Napoli randomly offered a central defender?

Apparently God is a Napoli fan, because according to the tabloids, the club is randomly being offered an international defender.

Look, another player Napoli are linked with
Look, another player Napoli are linked with
Christof Koepsel

According to English tabloids - in other words, don't get your hopes up - Napoli have been offered Toby Alderweireld. He's 24 years old, he's a central defender, he's tall, and he's available. That's pretty much the entirety of the Napoli wish list at the moment. Yet something just doesn't feel right about this story.

Alderweireld, a Belgian international, moved to Atlético Madrid from Ajax this past summer, but he's not too happy in Spain. That's likely because he's started just three La Liga matches, although he did manage to play in half of Atleti's Champions League games. Anyway, it's another case of a player desperately wanting time before the World Cup, and he's looking for a way out of Atleti already.

And since apparently Alderweireld and Dries Mertens share an agent, Soren Lerby, the defender is getting offered to the partenopei. No details are forthcoming, however. In fact, it's pretty hard to trust in anything that this article asserts...

"It is unclear whether a centre defender is on Rafa Benitez's January wish-list" writes Mr. Ben Jefferson of The Express, proving that Mr. Ben Jefferson has not only never watched Napoli this season, but has not bothered taking the time to read about the side, despite writing an article centered around the team. Kind of makes the rest of your words a little hard to accept, Mr. Ben Jefferson, when Napoli's most glaring need isn't apparent to your eyes.

But should there be a grain of truth in this story, my only objection would be how difficult it is to spell "Alderweireld".