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Something to really celebrate: Marek Hamsik has extended his contract through 2018

Marek Hamsik has renewed his Napoli contract through 2018.

awwww YEAH
awwww YEAH
Giuseppe Bellini

According to Aurelio De Laurentiis through his ever-informative Twitter account, Napoli have reached agreement with Marek Hamsik on a contract extension. The Slovak will remain in azzurri until 2018, with ADL calling this a "perfect marriage." No word yet on the prenup, however -- also known as the infamous release clause.

Hamsik, who's been with Napoli since 2007, has stated he'd like to remain with Naples throughout his career, although perhaps that desire was shaken a bit after, you know, being held up at gunpoint more than once. Still, the club have secured his signature and that's what's important for now.

No, not just important, vital. We've written about it before and we'll surely write about it again: Marek is the backbone of this Napoli side. He's the conductor of the team and the one who ensures play unfolds smoothly. He can both create and finish, all while keeping his hair perfectly in place. Who could ask for more?