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12 Napoli players called up for international duty

12 Napoli players will represent 8 countries in the next round of international play. No points for guessing that the highest total belongs to Switzerland.

Paolo Bruno

Napoli have gone quite international these days -- for the next round of international play, scheduled on and around August 14, the partenopei have, thus far, had 12 players called up to represent their countries. Thus far, Napoli players will represent eight different countries, with Switzerland, of course, leading the list with the trio of midfielders.

The Italy squad for the Argentina friendly on August 14 has yet to be officially announced, but there are rumors that Lorenzo Insigne will be given a call up by Cesare Prandelli. Assuming Christian Maggio will be called as well, Napoli could have 14 players called for international duty. And then there's the Spanish players as well, with Spain playing Ecuador on the same day.

While it's always a great honor blah blah blah ... ok, anyone who doesn't worry about club players going on international duty for friendlies two weeks before the start of the season is insane. These guys better not wind up broken.

Argentina: Gonzalo Higuaín, Federico Fernández

Belgium: Dries Mertens

Colombia: Pablo Armero, Juan Zúñiga

Croatia: Josip Radošević

Macedonia: Goran Pandev

Slovakia: Marek Hamsik

Switzerland: Valon Behrami, Blerim Dzemaili, Gokhan Inler

Uruguay: Walter Gargano