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Napoli Set To Grab Udinese Midfielders


Last off-season, Napoli stole Gokhan Inler from Udinese. While this acquisition won't be nearly as dramatic (and presumably, won't involve any lion masks), the partenopei are set to sign Pablo Armero and Juan Cuadrado on Monday.

I'll admit I don't know too much about Cuadrado, as he was on loan at Lecce last season and I do everything in my power to avoid watching that side. He's a midfielder, though, and god knows we can't have enough of those. Although a defender would be nice. Please.

What's more exciting is Armero, who, despite being fairly short, always seemed ferocious on the pitch. And he's a left-back, the best part of all. Anyone watching Napoli for the last couple years knows that the left side contains our weakest links. Considering it appears that Salvatore Aronica is never going anywhere, it'll be nice to have someone other than Andrea Dossena on the flank.