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Napoli top Italian Financial Fair Play rankings

With UEFA showing earlier this summer that Financial Fair Play has more teeth than expected, Napoli's insistence on strong adherence to the financial regulations is more important than ever.

Transfer Scouting: Michu

Napoli's second signing of the summer brings quite a bag of tricks with him from Swansea City. We crack open the scouting notebook and bring you the goods on what makes Michu tick.

With Juventus Faltering, Should Napoli Go All-Out?

Juventus just won their third straight Scudetto, but with their manager gone and seemingly half their important players for sale, should Napoli go all-out in this transfer window to go for a title...

Naples, Maradona and Messi


Even if Lionel Messi lifts the World Cup with Argentina on Sunday evening, there remains one place he will not be crowned king.

An Azzurri World Cup Post Mortem, And A Look Ahead

The Italian national team were a brutal disappointment at the World Cup. What happened to them, and what can they do to fix things going forward?

World Cup Player Profile: Gonzalo Higuain

Gonzalo Higuain is a guy who's never been more than the number two guy in his squad. This past season, he got to be the big dog, and he's using the success from that to launch himself towards World...

Going To Brazil: Lorenzo Insigne In The World Cup

Lorenzo Insigne made the final cut for Cesare Prandelli and the Italy squad. Now we look at how he fits in to the picture of Italy trying to advance past England, Uruguay, and Costa Rica.

Anatomy Of A Busted Transfer Rumor


There was a transfer rumor involving Napoli trying desperately to gain traction over the last few days. Trouble is, it's a terrible rumor.

Assessing The Roster For The Champions League


With another season of Champions League football beckoning, and more roster tinkering to come over the few months, let's sit down and assess where the roster stands.

Transfer Review: The Warriors Of Winter


Even after a large overhaul of the roster in the summer, a few more players were needed as the weather turned cold.

Breaking Down Italy's World Cup Roster

With representatives from Napoli, Juventus, AC Milan, and Paris St. Germain among others, this is an extremely varied Italy roster, and in some ways an unexpected one.

With the Chiusura came hope, agony, and victory


The second half of the season brought new faces, new frustrations, and a new trophy to Naples, and a glimpse at the future of the club.

Transfer Review: The Soldiers Of Summer

Napoli fans were treated to a huge overhaul of the club's roster over the course of the last year. We're taking a look back at those deals to see how they worked out for the club, starting with the...

Forecasting The Italian World Cup Squad


The provisional rosters for the World Cup are due in a few days. Who should make the cut for Italy?

Berlusconi Wants Italian Minimum In Serie A Squads


AC Milan president and noted scoundrel Silvio Berlusconi wants a mandatory minimum number of Italian players in Serie A squads. Does it make sense? Could it work?

Who Was Napoli's Best Player Of The Coppa Italia?

Napoli had several excellent performers in their Coppa Italia run. It's time to decide the player of the tournament.

The Path To The Coppa, Part Two

The journey started out a bumpy one, and after their first two rounds of Coppa Italia play, it wasn't going to get any easier for Napoli.

The Path To The Coppa, Part One

While the Coppa Italia title may not as involve as many matches as some competitions, it's still been a long road that stretches all the way back to the summer. Walk with us as we begin the journey...

Coppa Italia Final: How Fiorentina Got Here

With the Coppa Italia final just days away, let's look at how Napoli's opponents got this far.

Hamsik Surplus To Napoli? Don't Be Ridiculous


With the midfielder's struggles of late, questions have arising as to whether Marek Hamsik should stay. While that's understandable, some have gone so far as to suggest that he's not needed at...

Examining Pepe Reina's Options


Where does Pepe Reina's future lie?

"Napoli Should Be More Like Atletico"

In a statement that probably won't be received well by parts of the Napoli fanbase, Dino Zoff has said that Napoli can fix many of their problems by more closely emulating Madrid's second club.

What's Wrong With Marek Hamsik?


We've rarely seen the vintage Marek Hamsik we all know and love this season, especially in the last couple of months. What's gone wrong with the Slovakian playmaker?

Behind enemy lines


Juventus, Napoli, and...cats. Serie A blogs The Siren's Song and Black, White & Read All Over play nice prior to Sunday's match.

Five Questions With: Viola Nation


We exchanged questions and answers with one of our fellow SB Nation blogs, and pieced together the results for your enjoyment.

The Fickle Nature Of Italian Management


Why are Italian clubs so willing to bring in and toss aside managers at the drop of a hat? What possible benefit can it bring?

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