Serie A

What does this year have in store for Serie A?


The Serie A season is upon us. Looking broader than just at Napoli, what's going to happen all around the league?

Squad list released for Napoli's trip to Genoa


Napoli's new signings are all traveling to Genoa, but three squad veterans are not.

Predicting what's to come for Napoli


The Siren's Song staff sits down and talks about what they think the season has in store for the partenopei.

Red cards for racist words on the pitch


The Italian referee association announced the results of a few rule changes today. Most are just tweaks to the existing setup... but there's one whopper of a change that could have a pronounced...

Serie A fixtures released, season starts in Genoa


The Serie A fixture list has been unveiled with all due pomp and circumstance, and now we know who Napoli will be playing and when.

Italian Co-Ownership Of Players To Be Abolished

Player co-ownership has been an interesting and frustrating mechanism in Italian football for a long time, but the system will be coming to an end this summer.

ADL: Rafa Is The "Coach Of The Future"

The season is in the rear-view, and Napoli's owner and president has given Rafa Benitez his full support moving forward.

Napoli 5 Hellas Verona 1: They Did It For The Kids

Napoli signed off this season with style, from a start-to-finish beatdown of Hellas Verona.

Napoli v. Hellas Verona: Lineups and Match Thread

The last matchday is here. Let's enjoy this one as much as we can, eh? We won't have another for quite awhile.  Not too much surprise in the lineup for Napoli. Toni Doblas continues in goal after...

Napoli v Verona: So Long & Thanks For All The Fish


The end of the season is upon us, and one more tilt at the San Paolo beckons.

Berlusconi Wants Italian Minimum In Serie A Squads

AC Milan president and noted scoundrel Silvio Berlusconi wants a mandatory minimum number of Italian players in Serie A squads. Does it make sense? Could it work?


Because all that matters is that Napoli are officially in next season's Champions League.

Napoli v. Cagliari: Lineups and Match Thread


Napoli return to the San Paolo with the Coppa Italia in hand, and with third tentatively tentatively sewn up if Sassuolo can hang on for deal life and beat Fiorentina. What was once a 0-3 match is...

Napoli v. Cagliari: Marking Time


After an insanely short turnaround from the Coppa final, it's time for the partenopei to take the field again, coming home to the San Paolo to face Cagliari.

Inter 0, Napoli 0: Everything But The Finish

Both sides struggled mightily in the final third, leading to a scoreless match and fans everywhere wanting more.

Inter v. Napoli: Lineups And Match Thread

The lineups are in for today's showdown at the San Siro, and Rafa Benitez has gone with a slightly unconventional setup (for him) in the attacking midfield area. Jose Callejon was deemed fit to...

Inter Milan v. Napoli: Once More, Unto The Breach


Napoli have a chance to lock in their ticket to the Champions League qualifying rounds this weekend, but have to come out victorious in a tough trip to the San Siro to guarantee it.

Udinese 1, Napoli 1: Poor Display, Poor Result

An error-ridden match for Napoli saw them finish with ten men and escape the Stadio Friuli with an almost-fortunate point.

Udinese v. Napoli: Lineups And Match Thread

The lineups today are a bit more interesting than expected. Udinese have somewhat unexpectedly gone with what looks an awful lot like a 4-3-3. Luis Muriel is the man leading the line instead of...

Udinese v. Napoli: Kicking At Zebras


The last five league matches of the season are upon us, and it's kicked off with a deceptively difficult matchup.

Cannavaro Wishes Napoli Exit Had "Gone Better"

Napoli and Paolo Cannavaro didn't part on the best of terms, and the former club captain wishes it hadn't gone quite so poorly.

Napoli v. Lazio: Lineups and Match Thread

Napoli prepare to face off with Lazio in a match that could finally affirm a Champions League place for the partenopei, albeit just one in the playoff qualification round rather than going straight...

Napoli v. Lazio: Fending Off The Eagles


If results go right this weekend, Napoli can all but secure third place. Let's look at the task they have ahead of themselves, and pray they don't screw it all up again.

"Napoli Should Be More Like Atletico"

In a statement that probably won't be received well by parts of the Napoli fanbase, Dino Zoff has said that Napoli can fix many of their problems by more closely emulating Madrid's second club.

Parma 1, Napoli 0: So Much For That

Any chance Napoli had of getting to second place is probably dead after that dumpster fire.

Parma v. Napoli: Revenge On The Wind


Napoli are looking to overturn one of the more painful upsets they've faced this season, as they travel to face Parma hoping to extend the hosts' losing streak.

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