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Napoli, my Napoli how grateful I am that another meaningless International break is over and no one got bit by the injury bug! (Sorry Madrid) If anyone saw the Italy International games they probably saw Maggio cruising up and down the sidelines against Nigeria! Please o' Please Christian bring that speed, power and lets face it overall will to play our way again. Insigne's shot of going to Brazil is looking less and less likely, although he is still young and hopefully will be able to prove himself in the coming years.

Now for the reason were all reading this blog, our beloved Napoli! FIrst up is Parma. Donadoni brings his squad to the San Paolo on Saturday. Parma has got to be one of the most inconsistent squads in Serie A. Beating Milan and then losing two straight to Genoa & Juventus respectively, then coming away with a draw to Lazio before the break. If Donadoni wants to avoid relegation he needs to bring back consistency to his squad, and facing a Napoli team that is eager for any fraction of revenge following the 3-0 defeat to Juve poses a huge problem for him.

As I said the 3-0 defeat to Juve deflated our morale in the highest way possible. Although many chalked this match up as the winner take all for the scudetto lets be realistic, it is way too early for that. So with the loss in mind Benitez is preparing his troops for a war this next week. With Borussia coming three days after the match with Parma I would expect Rafa to rest some players for the Parma game. Hoping Hamsik, Albiol, Behrami, Il Pipita and Callejon can all take a break against Parma,(wishful thinking) our stars would be rested for the Borussia game. We can always insert a player or two in desperate needs, god forbid we're in a losing position against Parma. A huge swing in our favor is that Dortmund will be squaring up against Bayern on saturday, hopefully draining all their players energy. Lets face it that is the battle for the top of the Bundesliga. Fingers crossed Borussia is tired on game day and we come away with a tremendous win, catapulting us into the Champions League knockout stages.

All I want is to be able to sit in front of my TV and after this week sing o surdato 'nnammurato twice after two huge wins, putting us back in the winning way! FORZA NAPOLI!!!

Whats everyone's opinion on the Parma and Borussia game?

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