If you could get any player in a Napoli jersey who would it be?

Clive Rose

Goalie- Reina for obvious reasons for the rest of the season although I would love to have a 6’6" keeper who is a monster between the posts. Although I would gladly settle for the likes of Iker

Defense- Ok, here is where we have work to do, Left back would be Azpilicueta-Speedy, smart and an overall tough defender who has above average ball skill (fingers crossed we get the deal done) My two center backs we wouldn’t have to do much with because obviously Raul Albiol is a fantastic player who has been our only consistent player thus far in the season. The other player is Britos I would love to give him the opportunity to show us Napoli fans that he has what it takes to be a starter for a team pressing to attain silverware in the extremely near future. As a wish-list center back I would love to have one of the Liverpool animals Agger or Skrtyle
both are strong presences in the air and trust me not a defender you wanna challenge for a 50-50 ball. Finally on the right would be Montoya, obviously Barcelona was high on him for sometime now because if you have seen him play like I did he is smart with the ball and knows the possession game obviously which is something Benitez is trying to implement.

Midfield- The Trio would have to be Inler, Behrami and Hamsik playing the Center Attacking position he has played so well in. One name I would love to see introduced is Banega from Velencia. Although he has that bad-boy image from past experiences he has got to have one of the sweetest touches on the ball. He knows how to play the ball into positions of success and would be a great interchanging piece with Inler. I think Dzemali can still hold his own on the field and if they do decide to go out and buy Lucas from Liverpool it can only help the squad depth because as we all know he is a very strong player(Brazilian).Beharmi lets just all thank West Ham for this beast of a player who is always non-stop. Hamsik is pretty much set in stone and I think he has played wonderfully in his somewhat new role.

As for our Three Forwards Il Pipita is showing us why we splurged $40 Million to buy the illustrious Madrid man. While Duvan Zapata although a talented striker would be better suited out on loan and gaining first team experience. Look at Vargas in Brazil, he has light up the league and is hopefully (fingers crossed) ready to come and do the same in Seria A. With the addition of Vargas in January and Pipita doing his thing my hopes is that we can squeak by until the summer and then maybe splurge on a player to bolster the attack even more, because no matter how much Pandev has done us right he is not the answer! On the wings between Callejon who lets all be honest is playing out of his mind for us thanks Madrid(again) and Mertens who also is playing at a level all us Napoli fans can smile about are doing their jobs fantastically. Insigne is coming along the past couple games remarkably finally has his head on his shoulders and isn’t taking as many ridiculous shots as we were used to. With those three interchanging the need to bring in another winger at the moment is once again not necessary. So finally lets just concentrate on bringing in 2-3 strong defenders and possible a world class play maker to hold down the center of the midfield like so many of the big clubs have.

Reina- Azpilicueta-Britos-Albiol-Montoya-Inler-Behrami-Hamsik-Mertens-Callejon-Higuian

This is my starting 11 , tell me what you think and if you agree or disagree?

Also Maradona was one of those players that come along once a lifetime who could possibly be our next Diego?!!!

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